F.S.A provides coaches with the knowledge and experience that is required
to show young players how to progress in soccer on and off the field.



F.S.A brings a different style of play to the field, showing the coaches a more effective style of play which will develop the younger soccer player to always be one step ahead of their opponent. F.S.A. has a passion for developing coaches by bringing a vast knowledge of the game and coaching experience. This is achieved by a set coach education structure which has been proven effective all over Europe and top academies in america. Using our technique of coach education, volunteer coaches are more beneficial to clubs as they gain more knowledge and infield experience.


F.S.A coaches help a club develop a structure to enhance the clubs development and lead clubs to a more successful path.

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Week long camps for ages 4-16, these camps are designed to enhance players skills during the off seasons.

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A training plan which is targeted for a single player or a small group (4 max), who are determined to improve their game.

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After school curricular program which teaches soccer through fun based learning activities to ultimately develop life and soccer skills.

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We bring in a 1:4 coach to player ratio to make sure that the players get more attention and guidance, this allows the volunteer coaches to be more involved, gaining more infield experience. We want to make sure that not only are the players developing but the coaches are too.


We, here at Finesse Soccer Academy believe that we bring a different edge to the coaching game. We are firm believers in mastering the basics of the game and playing simply soccer.

We here at Finesse Soccer Academy bring the knowledge and experience of high level soccer coaching to players and coaches who want to progress and improve in the game. We have over 10 years of experience coaching soccer in Europe working with professional soccer clubs, coaching children from the ages of 5 to 16, and also working with adult teams.

We also have experience working with coaches on and off the field gaining knowledge and expertise in different styles of coaching and how to develop ourselves, as well as others around us. We target the coaching staff that we work with, as a high percentage of the coaches are volunteer coaches, and we want to help increase their knowledge in the sport to benefit the children they coach and develop.



Founder / Head of Soccer Operations

John began his career coaching in the North East of England working with children between 6-12 years of age. John enjoyed it so much he decided to travel around England to better himself as a coach and a person. John decided to stay and work in Liverpool working with elite soccer players of all ages. This allowed John to gain more qualifications such as his FA Level 2 and the Youth Module Award which helped John gain more experience and knowledge of the game. Click on my picture to learn more...



Director of coaching

Michael is a UEFA and USSF licensed coach, who began his coaching career whilst at college in 2006 coaching with Swansea City Academy and Arsenal Soccer Schools. He has spent the last 4 years coaching in many states of America working with players from kindergarten all the way up to high school. Michael is a big believer of player development and looks for the longevity to produce future prospect for high school, college and higher. Click on my picture to learn more...


His interactions with my team has allowed me learn new and fresh ways to train and develop my players to keep their growth ongoing.

Tomas C. ClarkHead Coach - ELITE Soccer Impact U11G